The Sales Multiplier MasterClass 

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The Sales Multiplier MasterClass

A 6-Part Training On How To Create Winning Sales Funnels, High-Converting Pipelines And Strategic Follow Up Campaigns ALL From Inside Your PipelinePRO Dashboard!

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If you want a step-by-step Game Plan for creating a High-Converting Sales Funnel that converts cold leads into warm buyers along with a Marketing Automation Machine behind it, then this is the training for you!

Plus, over $1,000 in business-building bonuses included...

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Here's What The MasterClass Includes...

A 6-Session Workshop Led By PipelinePRO CEO & CoFounder, Andrew Cass, along with PipelinePRO CoFounder, Aaron Parkinson and Product Specialist, Ahmer Zaman.

Session 1:

Audience & Offer Creation

This is the Foundation of a solid Sales Funnel, knowing WHO you are marketing to FIRST. In this session, we will walk you through the framework for identifying or clarifying your audience so that you can craft the perfect offer for them... We'll help you identify the right Audience in Session 1!

Session 2:

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Funnel (Part 1)

In this session we will walk you through the most common and most effective Sales Funnels that have stood the test of time and can convert the most leads. We will also walk you through the psychology as to WHY these Sales Funnels convert so well... We'll help you identify the perfect Sales Funnel for you business in Session 2!

Session 3:

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Funnel (Part 2)

In this session, we bring it all home and put into action what we covered on Sessions #1 and #2. You will be looking over Andrew's shoulder as he walks you through each step on how to build your winning Sales Funnel right inside your PipelinePRO Dashboard... We'll build out your Sales Funnel in the PipelinePRO funnel builder in Session 3!

Session 4:

Building The Perfect Sales Pipelines

This is the Foundation of everything in business - having a Sales Process (Pipeline) that converts suspects into prospects and prospects into customers... We'll build your Perfect Pipeline in Session 4!

Session 5:

Creating High-Converting Workflows & Marketing Automation

You've heard the phrase: "The fortune is in the follow up." True, indeed. Studies show a full 2/3rds of sales come from proper Follow Up Campaigns...We'll build your high-converting Workflows & Follow Up Campaigns in Session 5!

Session 6:

Creating Winning Email Templates

Creating emails that get attention and keep attention is the name of the game today. The PipelinePRO email builders are second to none... We'll build your email templates the right way in Session 6!

BONUS Session #7: Inside The Social Media Planner: How to create, post and syndicate your content to your Social Media properties from right inside your PipelinePRO Dashboard (all-new!)

(Or, save $200 by booking a complimentary Fast Start Session with a PipelinePRO Business Advisor. Even if you've already had your initial Fast Start Session, you may book another to claim your $200 MasterClass discount Right HERE )

BONUS Training: "Traffic & Conversion Secrets"

Aaron Parkinson is the other CoFounder of PipelinePRO who operates quietly, behind the scenes driving all the traffic that puts hundreds of new PAID members per week into the PipelinePRO community. His Marketing Agency buys over $1 Million Dollars per month in Facebook and Instagram ads for their clients. He'll be showing you his "Organic" traffic strategy along with his "Paid" traffic strategy -- The one-two punch approach that ALL top brands and businesses use to create massive visibility online.

This training alone is a $500 value!

Plus, Two More Amazing Business-Building Bonuses...

Bonus #1

You get a FREE month of "The Marketing Automation Suite" when you enroll in the MasterClass

(A $147 value!)

Bonus #2

At anytime you may apply what you invested in The Sales Multiplier MasterClass towards a full Custom Conversion System set up. This is a rare opportunity to work privately with the owners of PipelinePRO and their team of consultants, copywriters, graphic designers and programmers who will build your Sales Funnel for you, set up PipelinePRO for your business, and create high-converting ads for you...

(A $597 value!)

Total Value Of ONLY The Bonuses = $1,244!

(Or, save $200 by booking a complimentary Fast Start Session with a PipelinePRO Business Advisor. Even if you've already had your initial Fast Start Session, you may book another to claim your $200 MasterClass discount Right HERE )

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